IT outsourcing is not a new word in the business world. Its benefits are acknowledged worldwide. However, we have also seen examples where outsourcing went wrong. What could be the reason behind that failure? The most basic reason would be a failure to choose the right IT outsourcing company for your business. 

This blog will know what factors indicate that an IT outsourcing company is worth hiring for. 

Several years of experience 

There is an old saying,” you avoid mistakes by having good judgment, and you acquire good judgment by making mistakes.” 

When we hire an IT outsourcing company, the goal in mind is perfection. The competition today is so fierce that there is no space for trial and error. There is nothing that could pay for your loss then. Therefore, experience matters. An experienced firm has already gotten through its trial and error. Thus, your trust in them is worth it. 

The company’s experience implies years of commitment and dedication to the desired domain. That is to say, the more the experience, the lessen the chances of things going wrong. 

Experienced IT outsourcing companies have learned the expertise that you are hiring them for. Moreover, they can work in challenging environments. To put it simply, they are great problem solvers, masters of playing with technologies, and fast in adapting to changes. With their wisdom and skills gained by all these years, they know the right ingredient to a successful project.

100% client satisfaction rate 

I once read somewhere, “A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.”

Suppose a company has completed several projects, you think it’s perfect? Let’s hire them! But wait? 

What If you get to hear not such good feedback from their past clients? Would the number of their completed projects still be Charming to you? No right! 

A low client satisfaction rate depicts that they don’t give what the customer wants. To put it simply it means, they don’t provide up-to-the-mark services. As a result, their past clients are never going to trust them again. So, don’t put yourself in such a risky situation. That is to say, take help from customer reviews or feedback, take note of what they say about the company. Based on these reviews and feedback, you can make a more comprehensive decision. It is because a true leader always keeps its customers on the top level of priority. Thus, their client satisfaction rate is never low. In conclusion, go for an IT outsourcing companies that have a reasonable customer satisfaction rate. 

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The number of successful projects they have completed 

This point is somewhat related to the previous one. The number of projects completed is not a good indicator, but the number of successful projects matters. The company’s profile and customer feedback, reviews, or testimonials can be an excellent source to know about it. So before you start your journey to partner with any IT outsource company, you must verify that the company has completed a significant number of projects successfully. 

Resources and technology 

Technology lies at the heart of successful outsourcing projects. Before you make your outsourcing decision, you must communicate with your potential outsourcing partner about how many technologies they know about. Also, ask them about what technologies specifically they use for their projects and what is their expertise level. Moreover, you need to confirm if the company has enough resources to complete outsourcing projects successfully. A skilled team of professionals and necessary project execution tools and setup are a few of the resources that should be abundant and of world-class quality. In turn, these lead to the desired outcomes from the partnership. 

On-time project delivery 

The most crucial asset in the business world is time. In other words, time is money, and there is no question in that. With every project, you must have an associated deadline. And not only a successful project completion matter, but on-time project delivery also matters. Therefore, you must confirm whether they complete and deliver your project on time. For this, you can start by giving them some small projects. That’s how you can judge their speed to work. 

No hesitation in signing NDA. strong commitment to protecting client’s IP rights 

A non-disclosure agreement or NDA is a legal agreement signed between two contracting parties when vital information has to be shared. And we need assurance from the next party for not letting it go to the third party. In this intense competition, maintaining a competitive edge is essential. And you can maintain a competitive advantage when you have something unique to offer to your customers. For this, your product idea, details, and company data must be confidential. Therefore, you must hire or partner with a company with no issues in signing an NDA agreement with you. By doing this, you protect your idea from being stolen and sold away by someone else. 

Good communication and transparency 

For any project, good communication or transparency is the key. Lack of transparency and communication may lead to improper comprehension of the project, your objectives, and your requirements. Partnering with a company that remains or willing to remain transparent throughout the project is a good option. 

That is how you will be able to get out of the project exactly what you want. 

Post-development services 

One of the crucial characteristics that reflect outsourced IT companies as true leaders are their willingness to go beyond the project’s completion. Good outsourced IT companies are not that ends the agreement right after the product delivery. But, they stay intact with you after that and ensure that the product’s quality remains through maintenance and regular monitoring.