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Web3, Blockchain and Technology

SDO Limited is a leading technology company that specializes in blockchain technologies and services. We leverage the power of blockchain to deliver new and creative Web3 solutions.

What we do

We can develop ready-made projects from the ground up by leveraging our experience or help expand your.

Chat GPT Developers

In 2023, the world of science and technology provides endless opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).


In-house art design and layover for illustrations used in books, comics, games, and more.

Smart Contracts

Secure and reliable smart contract development to suit customized customer requirements.

L2 Solutions Implementation

Layer 2 solution integration for facilitating asset transfers across various blockchain networks.

Mobile Game Development

Development of quality, bug-free games on Android and iOS mobile phones.


Development of application or service ready-to-use MVP for any project.

Areas of expertise

We can develop ready-made projects from the ground up by leveraging our experience or help expand your team at any stage of product development.


Smart contracts of any complexity on any blockchain. From custom token creation to decentralized exchange on-a-turn-key basis.

High load

Development of systems that are subjected to heavy loads or designed to work with a large number of requests at the same time. Special design, optimization and infrastructure to ensure reliable operation of such systems.


Stunning visual solutions that enliven every project. Designing intuitive and appealing interfaces, providing users a smooth and efficient interaction experience.


Comprehensive assessment of an organization's infrastructure and processes for compliance with security standards and requirements. Evaluation of the state of hardware and software, verification of adherence to security and data privacy policies as well as analysis of the effectiveness of management and operations.


Professional services for the development and preparation of documentation. Crafting clear and comprehensible manuals, technical specifications, and diagrams to ensure effective communication and understanding between developers and end users.

2D/3D Animation

Employing innovative technologies for a wide range of game genres and settings. Compliance with industry standards, guaranteeing the smoothness and realism of animation projects.