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992.50 million

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Software Developer Outsource (SDO) - is your go-to recruiter in the Web3 industry. Our outsourcing company excels at finding the perfect match for projects of all sizes.

We've built a strong global reputation over the years by connecting ambitious and profitable companies with the best people. Be it development, marketing, or anything else – we make sure that the right person gets the job, so it's a win-win.

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  • A diverse pool of 50+ crypto projects
  • Opportunities for growth in rapidly expanding businesses
  • Transparent bonus system based on project success
  • Collaborating with both market leaders and startups
  • Engaging tasks in international projects
  • Contributing to the development of innovative Web3 products and technologies
  • Real impact on project outcomes
  • Internal training and mentorship from experienced professionals
  • Independence, lack of oversight, and flexible work schedule
  • Fully remote work